Delta Energy Systems (Germany) GmbH provides sales and R&D service for design of power electronic products. The R&D team offers a wide range of engineering functions required from concept to sample build and serial production support. State of the art mechanical, electrical and software engineering is part of the service, this includes PCB layout and magnetics development. We use modern CAE tools for 3D design, PCB layout, SW revision management, Thermal, mechanical and magnetics simulations. Networking with other R&D sites in Delta as well as with customers is managed by web platforms, workflows and common data space. Samples can be build in-house and tested regarding compliance with electrical, mechanical, thermal and EMI requirements. Chambers for conducted EMT Tests, Radiated EMI Tests, Thermal, environmental and mechanical shock and vibration cover a with range of qualifications. Various automated test systems provide hands-free function tests.

Today Delta Energy Systems is offering sales and engineering service for three business segments: 1) Automotive products, in particular products for e-mobility, 2) Server, Networking and Data-Center power solutions and 3) Industrial, Medical and Electrical Vehicle power.

World class technology and quality for challenging designs, fitting exact to customers application are Delta Energy Systems key competences. Most of our designs are customized, targeting dedicated needs and requirements. Delta’s mission statement "To provide innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow," focuses on addressing key environmental issues such as global climate change.





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